First episode of Cosmos


It is sad that despite Carl Sagan’s interest in Hindu point of view of the cosmos, Neil deGrasse stuck to Western world view of Cosmos as the yard stick in the new series Cosmos: A spacetime Oddessy. Neil deGrasse Tyson said in the first episode – “it was not until 500 years ago that we realized that Earth was not flat” (not verbatim). It is indeed surprising that he quoted this. The “We” he used in the whole episode actually shows how narrow minded the depiction has been.

Hindu Cosmology went way beyond big bang. The depiction of cyclical nature of the creation is an example. At jijnasa, Dr Nagaraju Sharma explained how in Yajur Veda, solar system was depicted.

Sure, these aspects of vedic texts may not have been scientifically proven during vedic period. However, later, especially post-Aryabhatta, there have been a slew of astronomers who had worked out…

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